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Spirit and Distant Healing Part 23 The Jewish Girl and the Nazi Spirits (concluded)

By:Richard Rowley
Date: Thu,23 Dec 2010
Submitter:Richard Rowley

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The healer Daskalos was telling Markides that the spirits of the former Nazis, released from possessing the Jewish girl, would be made to forget. Markides suggested that their Karma would not forget. Daskalos replied:

“No , of course not. They will come down to get their experiences and pay their debts. Erevos is just an expression of Divine Mercy. So I tried to confine them in Erevos. Now they are in a state of deep sleep. They don’t have the desire and they don’t have the power to harm anybody. Therefore, the Jewish girl has nothing more to fear. But, because they stayed within her for such a long time, they brought about a certain amount of turbulence in her subconscious. There are still memories in her of what they had done. Now, you may ask, could I not have brought her into such a state that she could forget everything? It would have been very dangerous. She must gradually replace those memories herself. And she IS now in a position to defend herself and to realize that it was THEY who created these pseudo-elementals in her. Now, had I uprooted these memories one by one, I might have disturbed her personality.”

“So what you are saying is that this girl may hear voices again but in that case they will be elementals left over from her possession. And the prayer you asked her to say is to dissolve such elementals herself the moment she feels them near her.”

“Exactly. That is why I gave her a method which she can apply to dissolve these pseudo-elementals.”

“It is a form of autosuggestion.”

“Precisely. This is what it is. But what is autosuggestion? Self-conscious construction of elementals for a particular purpose. Therefore, that girl has a way to cure herself completely and at her own pace. Jesus once said that when we notice weeds growing in a field where we had just planted good seed, we should not uproot the weeds right away. We must wait until the good seed matures.”

“Daskalos, you were carrying on a conversation with those spirits. And you said certain things such as ‘You are not Christians, you are swine.’ Did you say anything else?”

“Yes, a lot of things, through thought. I said those words in English, not for the spirits, since I could communicate with them mentally, but so that that the subject, the Jewish girl, would understand how I characterize them. Do you understand now? I was working on both sides…. One of them said, ‘You are a Christian. What do you care about the Jews? They are enemies of Christianity. We are Christians.’ I told them, ‘You are not Christians because you trampled underfoot all Christian values.’ ‘We are!’ they insisted. I noticed that in a past incarnation they had been members of a fanatical Protestant sect. So I then brought those two into a situation which would make them realize that, not only are they not Christians, but they are swine, like those spirits that Jesus sent into the herd of pigs in order to destroy them.”

“When you said that you thrust them into Erevos, did you mean you created angelic elementals that escorted them there, and in order to do that, did you have to pass them through the element of fire?”

“Yes, of course. And I had to pass through fire myself, as consciousness, that is, [not literally] so that I could bring them into a hypnotic state and dress them with Erevos. Now the Erevos that they got into is triadic. First, it is the etheric Erevos which they cannot break through and thus descend down to the gross material plane. Second, it is the psychic. Erevos which will create the analogous psychic conditions for their sobering up, that is, the awakening with them of what we call conscience. And, third, the noetic [mental] Erevos which will calm them down and put them under the influence of reason so that they become conscious of the evilness of their thoughts and actions. Had I thrown them into the Erevos of total forgetfulness, they would not have received any benefits. I put them into the Erevos of forgetting particular incidents and episodes, but kept them awake in terms of conditions, so that conscience may work on
them. I replaced the vibrations of hatred, antipathy and so on with the vibrations of compassion, and, if not love, at least tolerance. Therefore those two will be working through the elementals that I sent inside them. You see, it was not just a question of helping the Jewish girl, but also the two Nazis. So I planted within them an elemental like a punishing angel, which will not really punish them for the sake of punishment, but rather an elemental which will awaken in them their own situation. Do you understand now what is happening? I dressed them in their thoughts with an elemental which has three dimensions in terms of vibrations. And the first dimension, as I told you, is the etheric so that it will not permit them to possess another human organism, which is done usually through the liver and the spleen. That’s where they enter. In the psychonoetic Erevos specific incidents will be forgotten but the conditions will not be
forgotten. In other words, the memory that ‘I am an evil person because I hated, I tried to kill another person, I tried to obliterate and destroy another person’ will remain. And there were specific episodes with places, names, circumstances, and so on. Those we now set aside in the psychic and noetic Erevos and we turn the roles around. In their thought they now become the persecuted instead of the persecutors. They will be the ones who will want to protect themselves from others who are trying to harm them. You see I turn things around. This is, after all, what Karma does day and night. They don’t remember details of who they are. They just live vicariously, like a child who goes to the cinema and then in his dreams he sees himself being the hero, doing this and that. He has certain experiences and then he wakes up without remembering persons that he thought were himself. You see a characteristic of human nature is
that people identify with the role of those they sympathize with, or fear. So in this case, I removed the memory that they were Germans fighting Jews so that other intense thought and emotions of nationalism will not be there. Instead, I placed within them an elemental which with time will transform the persecutor into the persecuted. The persecutor is not a real one but an elemental. This is why I call it a punishing angel. It will awaken in them their consciences so that they will be able to differentiate between good and evil, to be able to develop the meaning of the good. That is how Karma works.”

“It seems that they are in a kind of purgatory.”

“That’s it. I created the circumstances which will lead them to the purgatory which they, THEMSELVES, have created. The Divine Plan will place them there. I am not myself creating Karma on them. I simply take them by the hand and accelerate their entrance into the situation they must live in which they themselves have created. Now, if they perceive it as relative hell or purgatory, it is their business. They constructed it and they are solely responsible for it. However, had I allowed them to stay inside that girl, not only would they have destroyed her, but they would have lost precious time themselves by creating worse Karma. Most likely they would have made more persons unhappy. But let me tell you something. These persons that become possessed are not the saintly types that are considered to be tormented by those that are bad. I don’t believe that anyone can be hurt by an evil person if he does not have inside himself
something analogous. Do you understand now what is happening? However, we shall never be the judges of either individuals or conditions. Instead, we shall intervene to modify evil and in its place we shall prepare the circumstances so that the meaning of goodness, helpfulness and creativeness will dawn in the hearts of men, replacing the destructiveness that preceded it. Therefore, whoever is working with these matters must first rid himself of his own conceptions and sentiments about politics, religion, and social questions. He must stand high above such questions and with impartiality and objectivity evaluate each case in accordance with its nature. Hid I, for example, had a bias in favour of the Germans and had I had antipathy for Jews, I would not have been able to help that girl. Because if one has sentiments for or against one side or the other, one is bound to invent rationalizations to condemn or to excuse. You see, our
work as Researchers of the Truth is polymorphous. We fight black magic, we do exorcisms, we heal, we fight injustice, we fight evil elementals and dissolve them and replace them with benign ones. All these are part of the duties of the invisible helper.

I drew the six-pointed star because the procedure I used was taken from the Jewish Cabbala. I used a method which was appropriate for the girl as a Jewish person and which could have the greatest influence on her. Of course the six-pointed star is also our symbol. When I was drawing the line, did you not notice? I was talking either with my mind or with words. First, I sought to entrap those spirits and place them where I wished them to be. Then I placed them in a symbolic space-prison so that they could not react. As you know, space is for the gross material body. But what about the psychonoetic [mental] body? There space exists as meaning, as conception. So I created a symbolic prison and placed them there. And then, after I forced them out of the girl and put them where I wanted them to be, I burned the six-pointed star in order to redeem them and thrust them into Erevos. And again I had to pass it through the element of fire
so that this symbol-prison which I created might not remain in the gross material plane. Of course the Cabbala is very complicated. For example, with the Egyptian Cabbala you have to follow a different procedure. The same with the Christian Cabbala.”

“It seems to me that very few people are capable of doing what you did with that girl the other day. Suppose she had never met you. Would that mean that she could never be cured?”

“No. There are certain rabbis in Israel who could have helped her.”

“So you had actually become a Jewish rabbi that day.”

“Precisely. You cannot help someone unless you become like that person. As you noticed, I asked her to pray with me in Hebrew. The fact that I am Christian is of no importance. Had I used Christian symbols and prayers she would not have accepted them. She would not have been able to understand. And her vibrations that were attuned to the pan-Hebraic way of thinking would not have permitted the elementals that I was sending to get inside her. That is why we had to start with the ‘Shalom Alehem,’ which means ‘Peace be with you.’ You may have noticed that all three of them were surprised when they heard me speak the Hebrew words. So with ‘Shalom Alehem’ I was bringing peace between the three Jewish women on one side, and the German spirits on the other. For whatever reasons, Karma brought Germans and Jews together. I wanted to harmonize the relations of the two sides. I wanted to get these hostile spirits out of the
Jewish girl and isolate them first, but I had to make very sure that the Jewish women would not become the aggressors themselves. Do you understand now what is happening?

Had the girl been a Christian I would have used the circle and the cross. Also, I could have used the six-pointed star and placed crosses at the three top triangles. For this particular case I did not use these crosses so that the Jews would not react. Now you may ask why do we place these crosses? In the six-pointed star the topmost triangle symbolizes the Absolute. The other two are the Holy Spirit and the Christ Logos. Then we have the three lower triangles that symbolize the descent of the lower self into matter.”

[Daskalos then went on to elaborate on the differences between the various Cabbalas – details not given in this book – perhaps in the later ones] . Then Markides commented that everybody including himself was surprised that he ‘saw’ the talisman on the Jewish girl.

“I saw it the moment I laid eyes on her. But, that was not a very powerful talisman. It was like a shield that offered only partial protection around the chest. What about the rest of the body? The kind of talismans that we make are general and protect not only the whole physical body but also the psychic and the noetic. It is like a diving suit that protects the whole body. That is what I call a real talisman. That is what the ancient Egyptians used to make.”

The discussion came to an end, and Daskalos went off to the hospital to visit some patients.

Earlier, Markides had talked with Hadas, the Jewish girl, a week after her successful session with Daskalos. She had stopped hearing the voices since that day. She was no longer afraid of walking in the streets by herself, was enjoying life and had gone out with a young man to a disco. She talked about her previous symptoms:

“My problem started four years ago when my mother was on a trip to Romania. One night I went out with my friends. Something happened between me and my boyfriend and I left him. I went home and took a shower. When I went to bed I felt something entering my head. I was very upset. I felt changed. I went to a doctor who told me that it was only my nerves. He gave me pills. When my mother returned from Romania she took me to many doctors. All of them repeated that I was suffering from my nerves. I couldn’t sleep even though I took many pills. Then I went to a rabbi. He told me that I must pray because something like a demon had gotten into me. I started praying and every morning I would vomit everything I ate. At first I did not hear any voices. But I dreamt that I lived in two kinds of worlds, in this world and in another world underground. A rabbi told me that after forty days I would vomit something very big and
yellow, mixed with other colours. He said that after this I would be myself again, and this is what happened. I was vomiting every day and the fortieth day I vomited a lot and felt well again. I went out with my friends and had a new boyfriend. But once more something happened between us and we broke it off. I was very upset. This time it was more difficult for me because all my friends were married and I was very lonely. I remember I was sleeping on the sofa when something entered inside my body. It began in the legs and then entered in my stomach. I felt it penetrating me but did not hear any voices. After that it began to torture me. I went to many rabbis and told them what happened. "You are only upset. Forget it," they said. I couldn't forget it. It was hurting too much. After that I tried to convince myself that my problem was only psychological and that I should forget it, and then I went to sleep. But now I began to hear voices right here in the lower part of my neck and then they moved inside my head. The voices told me in my dream "In the world you are in, you cannot have a life like others. We will keep you away from your world. We will torture you and make you go mad. We will keep you in our world and get you married here." They married me to a tall man with a mustache. I had never met him before. If I see him again I will recognise him. I know him so well! And they told me, "Because we forced you to marry in our world you cannot marry in your world." Every morning when I would wake up I would go to my mother's bed and ask her, "Please help me. Something very strange happened to me. Can you help me?" She couldn't. Nobody could help me! I felt the voices were destroying my mind. I didn't know what to do. I went to another psychiatrist. "There is nothing wrong with you," he said. "It is only in your mind."

Hadas; mother mentioned that her daughter was sent to a mental institution from which she ran away after a week.

"They gave me very strong pills. My back began to hurt. I had trouble moving about, and the voices tormented me continuously. My mother then took me to another psychiatrist who told me that I was normal like everyone else. I visited this psychiatrist regularly, but he couldn't help me."

Markides asked if she had described her situation to the doctor as she was describing it to him now.

"No. I only talk about it to people who are open to these matters. I went to the rabbi again. 'If you don't stop thinking about it,' he said, 'you will go mad.' I couldn't stop. Every night they would come to me. They wanted me to commit suicide. Now I no longer hear them. I feel that my body is free. But I am not yet completely well. My head seems empty."

Markides reminded her of what Daskalos had said, that she was bound to have some after effects which would gradually go away. Her mother added that she saw a big difference in her daughter. The others agreed. Markides thanked them for their time and bad them farewell. The next day the women returned to Israel.

Reviewed from "The Magus of Strovolos." by Kyriacos C. Markides. Penguin / Arkana. 1985.

Two books that deal with Jewish mysticism and reincarnation relating to the Holocaust are relevant to this case. Rabbi Yonassan Gershom is the author, and the titles are 'Beyond the Ashes: cases of reincarnation from the Holocaust" (1992) and "From Ashes to Healing" (1996), both published by the A.R.E. Press. Once again, it must be pointed out that books like these give ample proof of survival, of life beyond death and between lives, and the continuation of the connecting threads which enable our souls to progress and improve the quality of our existence.

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Tracy antoniou said:

hi spirit guides, as soon as i saw the first line about nazi spirits i knew it was daskalos, he was amazing man while here on the earth plain, i have been bless by Daskalos as his spirit comes to help me as a guide, i do not think of him as my guide but a guide that helps many, his teachings have inspiried me and have been thought provoking, i am honoued to know of him kind regard Tracy Antoniou
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