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Silver Birch on Healing

By:Silver Birch
Date: Sat,11 Nov 2006

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Silver Birch

The words of spirit guide Silver Birch on healing.

I love all those who try to serve, whether it be with healing or in any other form of mediumship. I love them all, for I know the difficulties they will encounter because that is an integral part of their mission. In the case of a healer, you have to suffer in order to have the essential compassion for sufferers to come to you. It is only when you have plumbed the depths yourself that you have the rightful feeling for others who turn to you when there is nowhere else to go.

You are richly blessed. I cannot say to instruments of the spirit that their lives will be beds of roses. That is not the way spiritual mastery is obtained. The higher you seek to rise, the more difficult it must become. In that road you tread it becomes lonelier as gradually the familiar landmarks must be left behind.

If the prizes of the spirit were easily gained, they would not be worth the having. Achievement, attainment, these mean sacrifices. But there is a law of compensation. Whatever you have lost materially will be restored and replenished with far more than has been lost. We will always ensure that your material necessities will be forthcoming. We cannot promise you so called luxuries of earth-life; many of them are far from luxurious in the effect that they have. What we can promise is that as you serve, so will you be served.

It is not the curing of the physical body that is the most important. It is touching the soul of the sufferer to increase the divine spark, thus ensuring, as far as you can, that the result of the healing will bring awareness and understanding of eternal spiritual realities for the one who has had the illness, so that it becomes a catalyst. That is what matters.

If you heal a body and do not touch the soul, then from our viewpoint the healing is a failure. If you touch the soul, you help to fan the divine spark. You help to achieve a closer unity between the individual and the great sublime supreme power that endowed that person with life. That is important.

No others in your world can perform that task except those endowed with the gifts of the spirit. It cannot be easy, it must be difficult; but you will not be presented with any obstacle or hurdle for which the power will not be provided so that you will overcome it. Once you consent to serve, the way is shown. There is nothing to fear for what the morrow will bring forth.

You cannot help all who come to you, but your availability is a means by which they can find their true self. If you succeed, then express your gratitude to the Great Spirit. If you fail, the failure is not yours. The patient has had an opportunity and has not taken it. You are the recipient of a divine power. Expressing it brings a great responsibility to do the best you can.

The laying on of hands is merely playing with the toys. What is important is to bring awareness, realization, to touch the soul, I cannot put it clearer than that. Every individual in your world is a combination of physical body, mind and spirit. These are the three aspects of the one total self. They are not divisible, but essential parts of the one whole.

If you touch the soul, then you help the other components of body and mind to achieve the wholeness that brings health. So let them play their respective parts and bring health, certainty, confidence, inner well-being, awareness, so that they are at peace with themselves and with everybody else they encounter.

We are concerned with touching souls so that the spark of the divine spirit which is embedded within every human being can be fanned and become a beauteous flame. Thus the divinity within finds a fuller, richer, more majestic expression.

Your world is full of millions of people who do not know what they are there for, who they are, what it is that they must achieve whilst they are incarnate on earth. You can help them to realize that they are spirits with bodies, that the real individual is the deathless spirit, that the spirit is there to gain the experience to equip it for its larger life in our world. That is the most important thing that you can do.

You demonstrate that the Great Spirit, the apex of love and wisdom and compassion, provides everyone with the opportunity to find himself or herself and begin to live, as all people in your world should live, not in superstition, ignorance or darkness, but in the full light of knowledge, with serenity and confidence as their constant companions.

You are not responsible for what others do or say. You are responsible only for what you do or say. Do not concern yourself with the opinions or actions of others.

If you are hurt, it seems that there is still some room for development. Do not allow any thoughts of any kind from any source to hinder, mar or delay the service that you can render. You have been endowed with a gift. Use it wherever you can.

You have heard about the angels weeping? They weep often when they see those who are not behaving in a fashion that is consistent with their knowledge and understanding. But we realize they are not perfect because they are human. You will all make mistakes. There is a divine purpose and plan for all of us.

You feel lonely. Every soul treading the path of attainment must experience loneliness. But you have the companionship of evolved beings who will never desert you. Your strength comes not from your world but from ours. The source of all your inspirations is in our realm.

We will not forget you. We will not leave you. We will not let you down. We will always encourage you to do the best you can.

Help wherever opportunity arises, and know that you are fulfilling yourself, which is the purpose of your being on earth.

It is only human to have doubts. Do not worry. Worry disturbs the conditions and makes it even more difficult. Have faith, founded on the priceless knowledge which is yours. That knowledge is incontrovertible. It provides the solid, enduring foundation on which to build the whole of your life.

If doubt enters your mind, as it will do, then think back to the past, to the days of darkness and difficulty when there seemed no road to tread, where none was able to offer help, when it seemed that you had come to the end of everything that life could offer.

Then in the darkness and gloom the little light of the spirit began to show its way to bring you where you are today.

You have many more pages of your earthly book to be turned. Thank the Great Spirit for the opportunities of service provided for you.

Silver Birch told an Australian healer and his wife:Not only have you travelled a long way physically, but similarly it has been a long journey spiritually to bring you where you now are.

Like all those who are instruments of the spirit it has not been an easy road for you.

In order to become ambassadors for the Great Spirit, the human channels have to be tried and tested so that their latent strength can rise to the surface. They are then ready to meet the challenges that their mission will inevitably make them encounter.

It is not possible to achieve even the first steps in spiritual mastery unless you are ready to do so by a process which means that you must suffer.

Suffering is the crucible. Those on whom the Great Spirit with infinite wisdom has bestowed the gift of healing must experience difficulty, sorrow, crisis and trial so that they can have compassion for the ones who will come to them in their suffering and ask for healing.

But there is a law of compensation. As low as you sink materially, so correspondingly can you rise spiritually.

The story of every potential healer and medium follows a similar pattern. They reach that stage when they feel that nothing materially offers any hope. It is then that the soul becomes ready to receive the influx of power and inspiration which will enable the owner to begin to fulfil himself or herself.

Spiritual growth is not achieved when the sun is shining and the sky is cloudless. It is when the storm is blowing, the wind raging and all looks dark, gloomy and depressing, that the soul begins to come into its own and the way is shown for what lies ahead.

The law of compensation is automatic in its operation. No matter how much your soul has cried out for help and guidance when none seemed possible, you get the richness of the reward in being able to serve others as you were served and the way was shown to you. That is what I tell all healers and mediums.

You two are giving a unique service in your part of the world. You should rejoice at the opportunities to fulfil yourselves and also show that the Great Spirit provides every one of His children with a second chance. When doctors, despite their skills, learning and experience, say they can do no more, the power of the spirit can often produce results which bring health where it was absent.

You will not be able to do this for everybody who comes to you. It is not possible to cure every sufferer who knocks on your door. Some are not ready; others have to endure their illness because it is a karmic condition which has its part to play in their lives.

Silver Birch then asked the healer:

What made you decide to practice healing?

“A need within to see if I could be an instrument for the spirit world to bring about improvement in people’s physical and spiritual condition.”

Did you find that it worked?


It says in your Bible, “Add to your faith knowledge.” I have to tell you, as I have said to others, that to your knowledge you must add faith. The difference is quite simple. It is not a play on words. When you have no knowledge it is good to have faith; not blind, credulous, unreasonable faith.

Because you are human beings in an imperfect world, it is impossible for you to have all the knowledge that there is, because knowledge, like the Great Spirit, is infinite. As you become more receptive you are able to receive greater knowledge. As you develop, more spirit power can flow through you.

So, because of the knowledge you have, treat that as the foundation on which to order your lives, and have faith that the way will be shown what it is you have to do. To this I will add something else.

Before you came into your world this is what you chose to do. It took some time before awareness came. The whole plan was revealed to you before you incarnated. That plan, if you co-operate and are patient, will fulfil itself.

Do not be in a hurry. The things of the spirit cannot be accelerated beyond their natural growth. You can have instant coffee, but you cannot have instant spiritual attainment. It is a slow, steady, but sure process that is achieved only one step at a time. I marvel at the perfection of the natural laws and the way in which they operate.

I have asked you one question and will ask you another. Why did you want to come to this gathering tonight?

“Because we have read of your teachings. When newcomers are brought into our environment we suggest that to the many questions they have they will find the answers if they read the books that contain your teaching. Because we were coming over from Australia we thought it would be a privilege to meet you.”

Turning to the stenographer the guide calls his scribe, Silver Birch said: Do you hear that? Without her you would not have these books containing the teaching given to me so that I can transmit to you.

It is always a great joy to welcome here any channel of the spirit. If there is anything I can do to help them in their ministry, it is a privilege. It is one of the reasons why I have returned to your world to help wherever I can.

Here the healer’s wife said: “At the present time I am trying to spread spirit teachings. I seem to have been going through a schooling process, but not specializing in any particular aspect. Is it possible for the spirit world to inform me into which channel I will be directed?”

Do not worry, the way will be shown. Just follow your intuition and the inspiration that comes. If there are any doubts at any time, withdraw into the silence, meditate, and you will find the answers come to you.

You are doing very, very well. You are making your mark in a vast continent where these truths are sorely needed.

People are coming to you. Do not go looking for them. Just be available. They will continue to come to you because they will have heard what the power of the spirit has done for others. If you help them, rejoice. If you cannot help them, shed a silent tear that they had their chance and could not take it.

“If a person is in poor health should he or she stop healing for the moment?”

No. Only unless they are in such a pitiable condition it makes it impossible for the power of the spirit to operate.

There are many excellent healers who suffer from poor health because they are transmitters; as long as they have the ability to transmit they will have the power flow through them.

Welcoming a healer and his wife, Silver Birch said to the husband:

The last time we met you had many grounds for criticism about the problems, difficulties, hindrances and frustrations which seemed to be troubling you. I hope that position has been changed.

“There is an improvement. I am learning to live with it.”

The whole of earthly life consists of learning to live with it, facing up to the problems that come your way, overcoming them as best you can, and awaiting the next one. They are challenges you have to meet so that the real you, the spirit, can evolve, develop and unfold as a result, and emerge better and stronger because of what you have achieved.

It would be folly to tell any disciple who seeks greater truth and understanding that the path will be an easy one. Spiritual mastery is slowly attained. The prizes of the spirit are not quickly earned. But once they are in your possession they are there for all time. They will never be lost, which is something that can never be said for your material possessions.

You both are the recipients of more guidance than you can appreciate. If you were clairvoyant you would be aware of the great love that surrounds you and ensures that no real harm can ever befall you. So every morning await with eager anticipation the spiritual adventures that will unfold for you. And, as I often tell my friends, look back and see how the signposts of the spirit pointed the way for you, and guidance came even when it appeared you were in the blackness of despair. Is that right?”
The answer was, “Yes. It has given me strength.”

To endure the suffering?


There is no suffering so strong that you do not possess the inner strength and can call upon an outer power to enable you to overcome it. The burden is never heavier than can be borne. If you strive to live in harmony with the natural laws you will find an inner peace, tranquillity and resolve which will ensure that you always come through.

To a healer who survived the horrors of a concentration camp, the guide said: It is not possible while you are in your world to have the answers to all the questions that arise in your minds. It is impossible for you to have the fullness of knowledge because you are circumstanced in a world of three dimensions, and occasionally the problems that beset you can be appreciated only when you are able to manifest outside these limited dimensions.

These problems involve considerations of a spiritual nature that you cannot solve, because perforce you can look at them only from the viewpoint of earthly life. You cannot measure them in relationship to the infinity of living which is compulsory for every human being.

So this is where the element of faith arises.

You begin by adding knowledge to faith. Then you arrive at the stage when you must add faith to knowledge. You are in the realm of what is speculation, because you cannot get the answers that would appeal to your reason.

When I say faith, I do not mean credulous, irrational faith. I mean the faith that is founded on knowledge, a faith founded on that sure base of incontrovertible evidence that cannot be gainsaid, and leaves you in no doubt about the spiritual realities which are the basis of all being.

I cannot promise even those I love that they will be exempt from problems. By the very nature of earthly life you must endure these problems. You must grapple with them. You must call on latent, divine power within yourself to help you. If that is insufficient, go one step higher and call on the greater wisdom that streams from the infinite storehouse.

If you have had no problems, you would be akin to spineless automatons, puppets, marionettes. You have infinite possibilities that have to be developed to their fullest extent whilst you are on earth.

The only way this can happen is not when the sun is shining, not if you are living in a bed of roses, not when all is quiet and peaceful and tranquil, but when the storm is raging. It is then that the challenge calls forth this latent power, and you develop. You unfold the spiritual nature within.

In reality your troubles are your greatest friends. They are the means by which you find yourself. Therefore, paradoxically though it may seem, you must welcome troubles when they arise, and realize that in reality they wear the mask of friendship for you.

I always say, “Look back when crisis comes, and see how the signposts of the spirit have always pointed the way, even in the darkest hours when it seemed that no answer could be forthcoming.” Look back in your own life, the tragedies that embroiled you, the situations that seemed impossible of relief or even escape, the difficulties that posed their greatest challenges.

Even in the worst of your earthly experiences you were led unfailingly to where you are today, and that guidance will never desert you.

There is a pattern in all human life, and it repeats itself. Especially is this the case in the lives of those who have service to render. There are no chances, no coincidences, no miracles. The supreme fact about the whole of life in its infinite variations is that the law runs throughout the vast universe, and nothing and nobody is outside the operation of natural law.
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